Cunningham Carriages

Welcome!    The drawings of the carriages and photographs of automobiles on our Web pages are from the personal estate of G. Carson Baker, senior body designer and representative for the James Cunningham, Son & Company during the first quarter of the 20th century. His father, Charles, also worked for the company as a carriage painter.

Our family has been working offline for the last several years to create a Catalog of Carson's image collection and we share here some of the fruits of our efforts. The other primary resource we offer on our site is the complete text of "The Purusit of Excellence" a history of the Cunningham company. We share here for historic purposes from a rare copy in Carson's collection.

James Cunningham, Son & Co. Information on This Site

G. Carson Baker's Cunningham Catalog
Images of Carriages, Automobiles, Ambulances & Funeral Vehicles
Built by James Cunningham, Son & Co.
Edited by Karen L. Fuhrman & William G. Fuhrman
with Assistance from Susan P. Fuhrman, 2014.

The Pursuit of Excellence
James Cunningham, Son & Co.
Noel Hinrichs, 1968.

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At left: 1917 Cunningham Army Ambulance, G. Carson Baker shown seated at far right. Image is part of the digital "Automobile Reference Collection" online at the Free Library of Philadephia.

Be sure to visit the Cunningham Carriage Factory blog! The DePaul organization has renovated one of the original Cunningham factory buildings in Rochester, opening in December, 2014 with 71 loft apartments for income-eligible tenants. Read more about the project in their news archive.